Amazing Bromo Mountain

Bromo Mountain, certainly everybody knows about Bromo Mountain. Bromo Mountain is an icon of east Java. Its height is 2392 meters above sea level. That makes everyone interested to visit Bromo Mountain. Bromomountain has many beautiful places which could be enjoyed.

Bromo Mountain included into National Park BromoTenggerSemeru. Which are on the border kabupatenLumajang, Malang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo. Bromo Mountain has 5 places to look view of Bromo Mount from the peak of Bromo. They are Pananjakan 1, Seruni Point, love hills, KingKong hills dan B29’s peak. But for your information, B29’s peak is new place which still developed.

Most of destination in Bromo Mount is nature tourism. Usually, treveler comes in Bromo Mount at 03.00 WIB with riding Jeep Hardtop or motorcycle. They come early because they can see sun rises at the pick of Bromo Mount. There are places and activities which can do in Bromo Mount.
Amazing Bromo Mountain
Amazing Bromo Mountain
Amazing Bromo Mountain

1.View point.

Like the above sentence, Bromo Mount has many beautiful place to see view of Bromo Mount. They are called View Point. At View Point, we can see sun rises. Pananjakan 1, Seruni Point, love hills, KingKong hills dan B29’s peak are places which we can enjoy to see sun rises.

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2.Bromo Mount’s Creater.

Bromo Mount’s Creater is second destination. The Creater has 800 meters’s diameter. Usually, treveler rides horse or walking to reach this place. And then they must climb up 250 stairs. At the peak of Bromo Mount, we can see beautiful view of Tengger Hills and Batok Mount.


This place is called Teletubis Hill. Teletubis hill located in south of Bromo Mount’s Creater. If we visit this place we can feel comfortable because coolness of this place.

4.Sea Of Send 

Sand whispered is call of this place because we can hear the sand whispered in this place . This is the most favorite place in Bromo Mount.

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