Best tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia

Best tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia. Bandung offers a popular weekend destination who desire to escape the stress of Daily life with beautiful scenery and cool air. Not only that, Bandung City Indonesia is filled with creative ideas that bring new sights every year. No wonder, many people travel to come to this city and take a short vacation.

There are many best tourist attractions in Bandung, and Capture Indonesia provides some of the most interesting places in Bandung to visit on your holiday with your family and your friends. If you already know where the foot should move, the beauty of Bandung can be explored in this way

Best tourist attractions in Bandung Indonesia

1. Dago Dream Park
Dago Dream Park bandung indonesia
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This tourist spot is the right holiday location for the family. With a variety of games and rides, Dago Dream Park offers complete attraction for visitors. The kids can play in indoor and outdoor playgrounds in this place. Once tired of traveling around, you and your family can enjoy the food in the Food Truck.

2. Bandung geology museum
geology museum indonesia
geology museum 
Inside the museum, you can find a collection of rocks, minerals, and replicas of animal fossils and ancient humans. The Museum has interesting exhibits, rebuilt skeletons of Wooly Mammoths and even the bones of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. In addition, there are also dioramas and animations that illustrate the illustrations of natural disasters, the formation of the earth, the natural resources, and the natural energy processing of the earth.

3. Tangkuban perahu
tangkuban perahu bandung indonesia
tangkuban perahu bandung indonesia
Tangkuban perahu is an active volcano in Bandung and has become a major destination. Although not to be approached directly, the scenery of the crater is quite amazing. Along the way, you will see the forest with the trees and through many tourist attractions on both sides of the Road to Tangkuban perahu.

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4. Cihampelas walk
Cihampelas walk bandung indonesia
Cihampelas walk bandung indonesia
What is unique, the shops on the cihampelas walk on both sides of the road is vying to create an attractive display for visitors. Just wandering around here without buying, it's been able to see the unique sights of the stores. not only its strategic location, the facilities owned by the mall is also very complete, suitable to be visited by your family.

5. Curug Waterfalls
Curug Waterfalls
Bandung is filled with stunning landscapes such as hills, waterfalss and national parks. Curug Maribaya is one of Bandung’s best waterfall in Bandung. This newly remodeled spot is not all about its waterfall, as there are numerous spot to do some sightseeing and it is rather an excellent place to invest your day off.

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