Heaven in North Jakarta

Heaven in North Jakarta - Seribu Island is one of tourist destination in Jakarta and one of the most beautiful tourist destinations is owned by Indonesia. Seribu Island has beautiful white sand. This island also has an incredible marine wealth. So, this place is recommended for diver. We can do many activities in here, like diving, snorkeling, fishing, banana boat, Jet Ski and canoe.

This place also has Resort Island which could be booked by everybody who wants to stay in this island. Harapan Island, Ayer Island, Putri Island, and Bidadari Island serve many cottages that can accommodate up to 250 visitors.
Heaven in North Jakarta
Heaven in North Jakarta
Seribu Island ( Pulau seribu ) has many small islands that have a lot of beauty. First is Tidung Island. Tidung island is decided become two. They are Big Tidung Island and Small Tidung Island. Between big and small TidungIsland, there is a bridge which is called Love Bridge. Small TidungIsland is place to cultivation Mangrove Plant.

The second is Sepan Island. If you are interested to learn scuba diving, this is the best place to learn it and you will get Open Water certificate from Professional Association of Diving Instructors. In this place you can find breeding place of hawksbill turtle (eretnochelys imbrata).

Third is Kotok Island. If you want to relax your body or stay in isolated island, you can book cottage in this place. And then is the place for travellers who have low-budget.

Semak Daun Island is fourth place which become favorite place for them. This place doesn’t have resort or houses. You must bring tent includes food for yourself. In this place also become place to breed shark.

Fifth place is Onrust Island. Beside you travel, you can also learn history. There is a Dutch Heritage Fort. In the past, this island was used as a place to make shipyard damaged belonging to the VOC.

But after the fort was built up to become a stronghold of British attack, until it could also be a place of quarantine for people with infectious diseases.  And the last is Noord Watcher Island. There is the old lighthouse used for checkpoint. 

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