One of the wonders of the world Borobudur Temple Indonesia

One of the wonders of the world, Borobudur Temple Indonesia is well known to the whole world. This building is the biggest Buddha Temple in the world and set as one of world’s cultural heritage by UNESCO.

This Temple was built by Buddha Mahayana People around 800 AD. Borobudur Temple has unique architectural detail. It makes everyone interested to come to Borobudur Temple. This temple is located on Magelang, Middle Java.

In its history, this temple was built in 750 AD by Syeilendra Kingdom. Founder of Borobudur Temple is Samaratungga around 824 AD. Sir Thomas Raffles is archeologist who discovered this temple in 1814.
Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple 
Design of this temple is punden staircase (punden berundak). It has 6 stages which its shape is square and it also has 3 stages which its shape is round. In each stage has main stupa in its peak. Every stage has different name and meaning.

Borobudur has 10 stages. Every stage has different name and meaning. First stage is called Kamadhatu. kamadhatu is a world that is still dominated by low last. This floor is mostly covered by piles. Second stage is Rupadhatu. This stage has 4 floors. The meaning of this stage is the world that has been able to free itself from lust, but still bound form and figure.

Third stage is from 5th floor until 7th floor. In 5th floor until 7th floor, its wall doesn’t have relief. This stage is called Arupadhatu. Arupadhatu has mean that humans are free from all desires and bonds of form and figure, but haven’t reached nirvana. And last stage is highest peak. There is the biggest and highest stupa. This stupa is plain, doesn’t have hole like other stupa. This stupa describes nothingness of existences.

Borobudur Temple also has beautiful relief.These reliefs tell about Mahabharata Stories. Mahabharata is not real story, just literature work in Adi Parwa’s Book. Mahabharata describe about two brothers who have different character. They are Pandawa and Kurawa.

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